The Tipsi Co was formed in September 2018 by friends Kaitlyn and Libby. They met whilst they were both working as dental nurses in Lyme Regis. They then had an idea to start their own mobile bar company one lunch time and the whole company has evolved from that! They spent hours after their day to day job and on the weekends getting together and trying new recipes and concoctions, painting and making the bar and planning the next event. They have both worked in the hospitality industry for many years so they both have extensive knowledge within the field, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!


Kaitlyn was born and raised in Lyme Regis, Dorset. She has worked in a pub since she was 13 years old and she has progressed from waitressing to managing the pub, so she has extensive knowledge and experience in bar work. She gained her Personal Licence Qualification in

April 2015. 

Libby was born in Brighton and moved to East Devon in 2003. She has worked for a wedding catering company and her Family’s restaurants and bakeries, so she has extensive knowledge in the catering industry. She gained her Personal License Qualification in May 2019