Terms and Conditions


Upon booking with us, we will send you a pack that will include: Welcome Letter, Booking Form, Terms & Conditions. If you’re happy with this, we will then use your booking form to get an idea of what you would like at your event and how you would like it to run and we will send you out a Quote and a Sample Menu which will be tailored to your event. Once you are happy and the Hire Fee has been paid. Your date will be secure! 

We are here to help so if you have any problems or queries about anything what so ever, please don’t hesitate to give us a call/message/email. Nothing is too small! 


We will need suitable unloading/loading facilities, some of our equipment is very heavy, so we require a suitable distance from unloading/loading to where you would like the bar to be located. We will need somewhere to park our vehicle/s, THETIPSICO LTD reserve the right to pass on any cost of fines incurred due to incorrect instructions.


The client is responsible for the behaviour and conduct of their guests. Guests are not permitted to bring their own alcohol into the event under any circumstance. If someone is caught drinking their own alcohol at the event they will need to be removed from the premises or the bar may be forced to close. THETIPSICO LTD reserve the right to refuse to serve a guest if we feel that they are too intoxicated. Threatening and/or abusive behaviour towards staff will not be tolerated under any circumstance and may result in the closure of the bar. Any physical attack on a member of staff will result in the bar closing and the police being called. 


All written quotations will expire 30 days from the date of enquiry, we cannot guarantee that the date will still be available after this time. Bookings are taken on a first come, first served basis. To confirm/hold a booking you must provide a Hire fee of £150 via cash, card payment, cheque or bank transfer. For this, you will receive Security of your event date, A fully stocked bar (As per your personal requirements), Drinks Menu (Tailored to your personal event), Experienced Bar Staff (Whom at least one will hold a Personal License), Glassware (Plastic Only) Garnishes, Ice, and Set up and Clear down of our Mobile Bar.



In the event of a cancellation, THETIPSICO LTD require 60 days’ written notice before the date of the event for a 50% refund. Any time after 60 days before the event, 0% will be refunded. Booking deposits are not transferable otherwise agreed prior to booking. THETIPSICO LTD does not accept any liability or any failure to provide our services which is due to circumstances beyond our control, such as extreme weather conditions, vehicle road traffic collision/breakdown, fire alarm evacuation, electricity/water failure or ‘Act of God’. 


Due to health and safety concerns, THETIPSICO LTD run on a plastic glass only policy. This is for the Health and Safety of guests and staff. If you wish to hire your own glasses for us to use, you do so at your own risk. We are not responsible for clearing glasses or washing up glasses. We reserve the right to serve drinks in plastic glasses once the glass has run out. We strongly advise clients not to use glass at events on public land or on farm land as glasses can be lost and broken causing injuries to animals and people. We advise you ask the venue about their policy prior to ordering the glasses. THETIPSICO LTD accept no responsibility should such an injury occur, when the client has been advised not to use glass. 


THETIPSICO LTD has full Public Liability Insurance. Copies of our certificates are available on request. We also hold Personal Licences. Your venue will either be a licensed or non-licensed premise. For venues that are LICENSED, we will require a copy of their license for our records, failure to receive this may result in us not being able to operate. For venues that are UNLICENSED, a TEN (Temporary Event Notice) will need to be obtained. These can be applied for through the local council where your venue is situated. They cost £21 and they need to be applied for at least 10 working days clear of your event. You need to make sure that: The person applying is 18+, The guest capacity does not exceed 500 (including staff, caterers, band etc.) and that your event does not exceed 168 hours (7 days). We can apply for this for you if requested for a charge of £25. We will need a copy of this for our records also, failure to receive this may result in us not being able to operate. 


Many people seem to think it is ok, especially at a wedding to allow underage drinking. This is not permitted under any circumstance. Your venue, no matter where it is will require a license. If the venue has no license you will need to apply for a TEN or we can do it on your behalf. Once the venue is licensed, the same rules apply, as with any Pub, Club or Bar. As with any licensed premises, THETIPSICO LTD operates under The Licensing Act 2003 and all relevant restrictions will be upheld. No alcohol will be sold to anyone under the age of 18. All Guests who appear to be under 21 will need Photo ID. Guests that have no proof of age will be refused service. Service will be refused if we believe any persons is buying alcohol for persons under the age of 18. Any person that we believe to be under the age of 18, who is seen consuming alcohol, will have it removed from them, unless they can prove otherwise. To avoid embarrassment, please inform your guests that Photo ID evidence will be required. 


Any loss or damage of hire equipment incurred by the client’s guests will be the responsibility of the client. THETIPSICO LTD will invoice the client and this then must be paid in full within 14 days of the event. 


THETIPSICO LTD trade on a cash and card payment basis. We do not offer credit and we do not run a tab for anyone other than the client. When the fully pre-paid bar package option is chosen, the client will have to pay up front what they wish to spend and if the tab exceeds this amount, a member of staff will inform the client during the event and ask if they wish to proceed with the free bar or change to cash bar. If the client chooses to proceed with free bar the total owing to THETIPSICO LTD needs to be paid within 14 days of the event. If the total amount is not reached THETIPSICO LTD will return the outstanding balance to the client within 14 days of the event.  


Any information that THETIPSICO LTD collects is securely stored, THETIPSICO LTD is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected.


From the Licensing Act 2003, New Legislation states ‘Free tap water should be provided on request to customers, where reasonably available.’ As a mobile bar, we do not have plumbing or taps where it is ‘reasonably available’. However, we are more than happy to provide customers with a glass so that they can help themselves to water in other areas of the venue.


THETIPSICO LTD reserve the right to charge the client £0.99P/mile when two vehicles are required to transport all staff and equipment. 


The client must provide suitable heating and lighting. Failure to provide this may result in refusal of service with no refund. THETIPSICO LTD reserve the right to dress their staff to suit the weather conditions. We have a duty of care for our staff and in extreme weather conditions (hot or cold) we will dress our staff in the appropriate clothing.